Updike, John - Brazil (kazetta)

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Erotic joy and criminal mischief, politics and sorcery, mingle in John Updike's astonishing new novel, whose setting is a stylized Brasil and whose protagonists are two young lovers.

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Tristao is 19, a black street boy, believing in fate and destiny. The pale Isabel is 18, an upper-class girl fresh from convent school and unafraid of life. From the moment Tristao approaches Isabel, their lives spring togethet and they are forever in love and in flight – running from her rich fathet and the toughs he send in pursuit of them, escaping to the Dourados, where gold betrays them, then westward across the Mato Grosso, surviving hunger, thirst, savages, and specters, fleeing across the miles and across the years until the undreame-of happens. Brazil is a novel that surpises and embraces the listener with its celebration of love fidelity, and New World innocence.

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